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The ACT is another standardized test that colleges and universities use to compare applicants and determine admissions. The ACT is designed to measure high school students’ general educational development and their ability to complete college-level work. Unlike the SAT, the ACT is curriculum based so the questions on the ACT test the core subjects that high school students typically study through their third year of high school (English, reading, mathematics, and science). The test is accepted by all U.S. colleges and universities and can serve as an alternative to the SAT.
Total Time: 2 hours and 55 minutes or 3 hours and 25 minutes with optional Writing Test

English (45 minutes, 75 total questions)
Mathematics (60 minutes, 60 total questions)
Reading (35 minutes, 40 total questions)
Science (35 minutes, 40 total questions)
Optional Writing also features an optional 30-minute Writing Test.
While the ACT tests knowledge typically taught to third year high school students, it is still crucial to understand and prepare for the test. Students will have a good core understanding of the material but, they will need to learn the type of questions that are present in the ACT. Additionally, the format of the test is different than the SAT as there is a Science section and there are more questions and less time than the SAT.
IvyPrep offer small classes taught by teachers that have scored in the top 95-99% of the SAT,GRE and MCAT and know that anyone can master these tests. Our tests and practice are designed to place students within the 90+ percentile and we GUARANTEE a 200-point improvement. Additionally, we offer classes in a number of time slots from weekend,afterschool, breaks and more. To find the right program for you, our full list of programs can be found here.

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