Hunter Winter

$1600+/ Course

  • Expert Instructors
  • 48-69 hours of instruction
  • 32+ hours of homework
  • 6-7 full length tests
  • Small Class size (~12 students)

Hunter Summer

$600/ Course

  • Expert Instructors
  • 18 hours of instruction
  • 18 hours of homework
  • 6-full length tests
  • Small Class size (~12 students)

Private Tutoring

$100+/ Hour

  • Expert Tutors
  • Personalized attention
  • Flexible Schedules
  • Package discounts available
  • Online or at IvyPrep
The Hunter Entrance Exam consists of two multiple-choice sections covering English and Math and a writing assignment. Students have three hours to complete the Exam. It is given once per year, with no make-up dates or rescheduling to determine admission into the prestigious Hunter High School
Total time: 3hrs

Critical Reading :
- 50 multiple choice questions
- Answer questions related to six reading passages and tests your ability to understand and analyze them

Writing Assignment:
- Write an essay or autobiographical piece of up to 2 pages in length

- 30 multiple choice questions - Questions include a variety of math problems including ones involving multi-steps.
The exam is designed to assess your learning. No one test can give a complete picture of your skills and knowledge, but your exam provides the school with a sample of your comprehension and problem solving, analytic and writing abilities.
IvyPrep offer small classes taught by teachers that have scored in the top 95-99% of the SAT,GRE and MCAT and know that anyone can master these tests. Our tests and practice are designed to place students within the 90+ percentile and we GUARANTEE a 200-point improvement. Additionally, we offer classes in a number of time slots from weekend,afterschool, breaks and more. To find the right program for you, our full list of programs can be found here.

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