SAT Spring


  • expert instructors
  • 69 hours of instruction
  • 69 hours of homework
  • 6 full length tests
  • small class size

SAT Summer

$1,650and up

  • expert instructors
  • 75 hours of instruction
  • 50 hours of homework
  • 7 full length tests
  • small class size

SAT Winter


  • Expert Instructors
  • 18 hours of instruction
  • 18 hours of homework
  • 6-full length tests
  • focus group (8-12 students)

Private Tutoring

$100/hrand up

  • Expert Tutors
  • Personalized attention
  • Flexible Schedules
  • Package discounts available
  • Online or at IvyPrep
The SAT is a test colleges and universities use to compare applicants and make admissions decisions. The test measures mastery of the skills and concepts learned in high school that are essential to success in college, the workplace, and beyond.The math section tests students’ ability to reason quantitatively through real-life scenarios and arrive at sound and practical decisions; the reading and writing section tests students’ ability to comprehend complex written texts and engage the content through evidence-based analysis and rhetoric. We have revised our material to meet the challenges of the New SAT. For example, the College Board is testing for more depth than breadth in mathematics. For reading and writing, they are testing for analytical reading and rhetorical skills. Our uniquely designed courses build on these skills and include strategies necessary to score in the 90% range. All of our sessions are taught by subject experts who have scored, at minimum, in the 95th percentile or higher on the SAT, and are experts in test-taking strategies.
Total time: 3hrs, 50mins (with essay)

100-minute Evidenced-based Reading and Writing section:
-Reading Test (65 minutes, 52 questions)
-Writing and Language Test (35 minutes, 44 questions)

80-minute Math section:
-Calculator allowed section (55 minutes, 37 questions)
-No-calculator allowed section (25 minutes, 20 questions)

Optional Essay-writing section (50 minutes)
Because the SAT is unlike any tests given in school, even the best students must struggle to keep pace with their peers when it comes to achieving competitive scores that reflect their true potential. But taking more tests and reviewing only what is taught in school are not enough to secure an advantage. It requires a complete rethinking of how to prep. Our framework brings together the most up-to-date materials, the most experienced instructors, and an engaging support staff to create the best environment to help all students, of every background, succeed. Here they’ll master the skills and strategies necessary to achieve their highest score. Our classes are taught by subject experts who have scored at or above the 95th percentile in the section of their expertise, and are themselves not only experts in applying the most effective test-taking strategies but also in passing those skills on to their students.
IvyPrep offer small classes taught by teachers that have scored in the top 95-99% of the SAT,GRE and MCAT and know that anyone can master these tests. Our tests and practice are designed to place students within the 90+ percentile and we GUARANTEE a 200-point improvement. Additionally, we offer classes in a number of time slots from weekend,afterschool, breaks and more. To find the right program for you, our full list of programs can be found here.

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