About Me

Excellence Since 1996

We help students turn aspiration into achievement and champion the ambitious to achieve the extraordinary.

IvyPrep began not as just another tutoring service but as a pioneer of a bold, new approach to running a professional academic consulting company. Since 1996, our raison d’être has always been helping students acquire the knowledge and skills they need to gain a competitive advantage and seize opportunities open to only the very top echelon of students. We believe such a great responsibility should only be entrusted to the most experienced and dedicated education experts armed with the most effective learning tools.

Our commitment is more than a promise because we believe that we succeed only when our students succeed.

We believe students who challenge themselves to be exceptional deserve academic guidance that constantly seeks to set new standards of excellence. We are passionate about delivering tangible results—lofty test score or admissions to a prestigious college or university—for students who rise to the top of their class, become leaders in their field, and shape the future of our world.