About the SHSAT

Total time: 3 hours

English Language Arts Section (57 Questions):

-Revising/Editing (21 questions)

-Reading Comprehension (6 passages, 36 questions)

Math section (57 Questions):

-Multiple-choice (52 questions)

-Grid-in (5 questions)


The SHSAT assesses knowledge and skills including the ability to comprehend English prose, to demonstrate understanding of revising and editing skills central to writing in English, and to use problem-solving skills in mathematics.

The test consist of two sections: English Language Arts and Math. There are 57 questions in each section; however, only 47 of the questions in each section are used to calculate the test score. The other 10 are experimental questions and do not factor in the final score.

The test is 180 minutes long and students are free to allocate their time between the two sections as they wish. Students may choose to do the questions in any order and those who finish early may go back to review their work on either section.

Know What to Expect

Find out more about what kind of questions appear on each section of the SHSAT and what they test for.

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