All of our instructors have attended or currently attending top universities and are experienced in the entire admission process. We offer consulting on the admissions process and can answer any question you may have about the process or how to get into your dream school. Additionally, we can also provide solutions on how to make your college application stand out along with help on the college essay. To schedule your session, you can contact us thru email or call us at 1(718) 261-4882.

Admission Consulting

$100+/ Hour

  • Expert Consultants
  • Personalized attention
  • Flexible Schedules
  • Package discounts available
  • Online or at IvyPrep


The college admission process is daunting, especially if it is your first time with it. Our instructors are all experienced with the process and can easily guide students in the process along with providing tips and methods to help students stand out from the thousands of applicants that apply to college every year.


Similar to the college admission process, we also provide consulting on the graduate school process for students who wish to continue on their education. Our staff has a number of instructors that have masters and phDs and are experienced in the process. We can answer any question and provide solutions to any issues you may have about the process or application.

Specialized High Schools

In addition to the popular specialized high schools, there are other schools that require an application process to attend. Our experts can also help with the process by refining your application and boost your chances of entering the school.

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