Private Tutoring

Private Tutoring

Our private tutoring brings a even greater focus on customization to help students succeed. Our private tutoring is not limited to only the big standardized tests but, other important ones such as AP exams or SAT subject tests. We cover most subjects including the main ones such as Biology, Chemistry, Physics, US History, and more. Our flexible scheduling allows for our tutoring sessions to fit even in the busiest student's life. To contact us about the different subjects we offer tutoring in, you can contact us thru email or call us.

Private Tutoring

$100+/ Hour

  • Expert Tutors
  • Personalized attention
  • Flexible Schedules
  • Package discounts available
  • Online or at IvyPrep


SAT/ACT tutoring is perfect for students who wish to supplement their lessons in the main programs or students who are too busy for our longer programs. One-on-one tutoring sessions will allow instructors to identify weaknesses specific to the student and properly allocate time and effort to help overcome these weaknesses. We cover all parts of these tests from the Math to the Reading sections and provide tutoring sessions on specific sections.

SAT Subjects/ AP

SAT Subject and AP exams are important especially during college admissions as they help certain students stand out from the other applicants. Both tests cover a variety of subjects and we offer tutoring on most of these subjects. Unlike the SAT and ACT, these tests focus on a single subject rather than having multiple sections and tests how well students know the subject. Our instructors come from different academic backgrounds and we can find the right tutor to help you for any subject.

General School Subjects

In addition to our standardized testing, we are also adept in helping students in just their school subjects. While scoring well on standardized tests is important, it is equally important for students to achieve good grades. Our instructors can help students in a wide array of subjects and aid them in their academic success.

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