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Beating the test since 1996.

IvyPrep has been helping students crush the PSAT for 25 years. We recognize that each student presents a unique profile of skills, capabilities, and needs. Instead of a one-size-fits-all approach to minimize cost, we offer tiered instruction and place students in classes that fit best based on ability. Students enjoy a uniquely tailored test prep experience that delivers maximum score-raising effects in minimum time.

Uniquely Qualified

IvyPrep brings together the right experts, the right materials, and vast experience to help our students prep smarter and score higher. Whether you choose in-person or remote, classroom or private tutoring, our award-winning team of instructors, writers, and coordinators are a powerful conduit of knowledge and growth. We help you raise your scores by working with you as partners and creating an immersive and supportive environment to help you unlock your potential and reach your dream score.

A Structured Approach

Every IvyPrep course is crafted and structured to take students beyond a superficial understanding. Our expert instructors skillfully inspire each student to curiosity, discovery, and connection of facts to concepts towards true mastery of the most challenging content areas of the test.

Intensive options available

On a tight schedule? Make the most of your time with intensive course options that help you get ready for the test with uninterrupted SAT prep and practice tests every weekend until your test date.

Available 1-on-1 Support

Add private tutoring to any course or self-paced package for more personal attention. By reviewing and analyzing your practice tests and homework, our expert instructors can identify and provide facts, guidance, and plenty of relevant practice to help you make the most progress towards your goals.