• College and High School Application

    College and High School Application

    Ivy Prep has been helping thousands of students craft compelling college and high school application packages that earn admissions to the most competitive schools since 1995.

    The majority of students who received guidance from our consultants have reached their top dream Ivy league and other competitive universities including Brown, Cal-Tech, Columbia, Cornell, Dartmouth, Harvard, NYU, MIT, Princeton, Stanford, University of Chicago, University of Pennsylvania, Duke, Yale, Carnegie Mellon, and Johns Hopkins.

  • Stay Ahead Of the Curve

    Stay Ahead Of the Curve

    College admissions is becoming more competitive than ever. In the 1990s, private college counseling was unheard of. IvyPrep became one of the first companies to offer college application advisory services in 1999 and most students applied to six or seven schools. The 2000s saw our client base explode, with students routinely applying to twelve to fifteen schools. Fast forward to the 2023: there are now over 10,000 individuals and companies offering private college consulting services across the country helping students from around the world.

    Given the relentless pace of change, the keys to college admissions success are likely to change even more over the next ten years. What will it take to get into your dream school in the 2020s?

  • Check Your Blind Spots

    Check Your Blind Spots

    Given the importance of college admissions and all the effort that students pour into their applications, it is perplexing that many still do not seek out a qualified expert opinion on how they are presenting themselves to potential colleges.

    Most students now understand that in today’s ultra-competitive application process, they have to demonstrate more than just academic prowess to secure a seat at a top college. But many still have blind spots in their applications: they underestimate the importance of marketing their potential to contribute to a campus’s diversity. Others emphasize components of their high school experience that they think will improve their chances, but their decisions are driven by instinct rather than deep experience and proven results. IvyPrep’s 25 years of experience getting students into to the best schools help fix the flaws in your approach.


Frequently Asked Questions

+ When should I start college admissions counseling?

Most students begin school selection and strategic planning during their 11th grade year of high school. Students looking for early forward guidance on what classes to take and what standardized tests to prepare for to maximize their chances at specific schools and programs can start as early as 9th or 10th grade.

+ Why choose IvyPrep for college admissions guidance?

There are 10,000 individuals and companies offering private college consulting services in the United States. Less than 10% of them were around when IvyPrep started offering admissions services in 1999. Even fewer have enjoyed the track record of success that IvyPrep has in helping students get into their top schools through the years. Our experts are experienced professionals, including former admissions personnel at top schools, who have seen thousands of applicants and know what works and what falls flat.

+ How do students meet with IvyPrep's college advisors?

Students typically travel to one of IvyPrep’s physical locations in New York City. Students living overseas or far from New York City meet with advisors online via Zoom, FaceTime, Google Meet, or Skype.

+ How many students get into a top-choice school?

Among students who start meetings with advisors before the start of 12th grade and complete at least an advanced advisory package, 80% are admitted to their “dream” school and 100% are admitted to one or more “reach” schools.