SHSAT Summer Program

The summer SHSAT program is 8 weeks of comprehensive instruction and review combined with weekly full-length practice tests. Free from the distractions of school, summer is the best time to build a strong foundation and excel on your prep journey.

Our classes are taught by subject specialists who are themselves not only seasoned experts in applying the most effective test-taking strategies but also in passing those skills on to their students.

The Importance of Prep

The SHSAT is unlike any tests given in school, and even some of the best students struggle to achieve competitive scores that reflect their true potential. But relying on only what is taught in school is not enough to secure an advantage. Success requires building up comprehensive knowledge of SHSAT content areas and prep to learn test-taking strategy.

Program Highlights

  • 48 hours of classroom instruction and strategy review
  • 48 hours of homework questions written to the latest College Board standards and test parameters
  • 8 Full-length Practice Exams with detailed review


JUL 2 - AUG 20

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